Binge Full Seasons

Slo Pitch

While playing the first Brovaries' game of the season against their archrivals, The Toronto Blue Gays, Coach Joanne realizes her freshly ordered jerseys have a crude joke mistakenly printed on them.

S2, E1

Birdin' Dirty

The Brovaries step into high gear and whip together some makeshift stripper+beers bachelorette debauchery after accidentally organizing a low-key, booze-free slo pitch practise.

S2, E2

Operation Warthog

In the middle of Sasha's fancy bachelorette dinner, the Brovaries initiate a plan to beat Sasha's coworkers at their game the following day: get the lawyers so drunk they'll be too hungover to play.

S2, E3

The Hangover, Part III

As the Brovaries nurse the hangover of the century (which their opposing team, Bad News Barristers, are somehow immune to), Joanne tries to figure out what offensive joke she told the previous night to Sasha's man-of-honour.

S2, E4

Secret La Blush

When the team finds out that Lee's girlfriend rewards them with sex in exchange for selling makeup products, they try to get on board with the obvious pyramid scheme ...that might have more slo pitch related benefits than any of them guessed.

S2, E5

White Schmetterling's Revenge

After the Brovaries make an incredible discovery in the bathroom (a weird bug), they manage to get stuck in there for hours, not wanting to interrupt Mel and Beck's loud arguing in the adjoining fieldhouse.

S2, E6

The Jiggly Juggle

The Brovaries play a match against The Jugglies, a sexy Irish cowboy themed roadhouse that Zari used to work at.

S2, E7

Mustard & the Red Sauce

After ruining a very important dress, Boris asks the team to help her fix the mess she's made.

S2, E8

Crush the Capybaras

The Brovaries face off against the Capybara Buddies in their semi final match as Joanne and Ann scheme up ways to pay for Fleet Foxes at the upcoming wedding.

S2, E9

Storm Brews

After some devastating news about the championship game, and the wedding, the Brovaires put their heads together on how to salvage the day.

S2, E10

Hitched on Home Plate

Ready to get hitched, Joanne is surprised to find that Sasha and the Brovaires have moved the wedding venue, and the stage is set for an epic day of romance and sports!