'90s Fashions From "The Bunker" That Should Come Back

Documentary Now! is going back to the Dial-Up Decade with "The Bunker," a look at the heated 1992 Ohio Governor race that perfectly channels the era of colorful sweaters and giant Zack Morris cellphones.

Here are some trends from "The Bunker," which premieres September 14th at 10P on IFC, that we hope will come back:

Leather Jackets

The Bunker jacket

Alvin "Boy Hunk of the Beltway" Panagoulious (Fred Armisen) proves that your leather jacket can never be too big. And don't forget the giant pastel tie. Dad's closet is suddenly the trendiest boutique in town.

Shoulder Pads

The Bunker shoulder pads

This debate moderator demonstrates that nothing says "business casual" like shoulder pads big enough to put your rival's eye out.

Giant Cellphones

The Bunker cellphone

Sure, you can play Pokémon Go while Googling "Documentary Now! new episodes" on your iPhone. But as smooth operator Alvin Panagoulious knows, you're not going to score "10s" unless you're yelling important stuff into a blocky brick of a cellphone.


The Bunker Bill Hader Denim

The "Mississippi Machiavelli" himself Teddy Redbones (Bill Hader) is proof that the best thing any of us can wear is attitude. And the second best thing is a jean jacket over some jeans. No one ever went wrong with denim on denim.

Brightly Colored Sweats

Doc Now Bunker Bill Hader Windbreaker

Whether it's at the gym or a political rally, anytime is a good time for sweats. Teddy's look is seriously "Fresh Prince" and we love it.


The Bunker Fred Armisen headset

Forget tiny Bluetooth headphones. We miss the days when making a call made you look like you were landing a space shuttle.

Lacoste Shirts


With a color palette that would make Blossom jealous, Teddy Redbones' polo makes his staff stand up and listen. (The Cajun accent also helps.) He might have a weird cry, but it's his shirts that make our eyes water.

For more dope '90s fashion, be sure to catch The Bunker when Documentary Now!'s 51st season premieres September 14th at 10P on IFC.

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