MTV's Tabitha Soren Covering the 1992 Ohio Governor's Race Is a Serious Gen X Flashback

Searching deep in the annals of the MTV News tape library, Documentary Now! was able to unearth a rare clip of VJ Tabitha Soren covering the hotly contested Ohio governor's race in 1992 -- focusing more on the managers of one campaign and less on the candidates themselves.

As part of MTV's "Choose or Else '92" election push, Soren highlighted the cutthroat, take-no-prisoners approach to politics which Alvin Panagoulious and Teddy Redbones routinely brought to the table. (Though she can be forgiven for overlooking how both men bear striking resemblance to then-unknowns Fred Armisen and Bill Hader.)

Alvin and Teddy's schemes to get their candidate elected are depicted in "The Bunker," the acclaimed film that kicks off Documentary Now!'s 51st season on September 14th at 10P on IFC.

Check out this vintage MTV clip below. To find out who won the governor's seat, catch "The Bunker" on September 14th at 10P.

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