Celebrating Portlandia One Sketch at a Time

Most people measure time in minutes, hours, days, years...At IFC, we measure it in sketches. And nothing takes us way (waaaaaay) back like Portlandia sketches. Yes, there's a Portlandia milepost from every season that changed the way we think, behave, and pickle things. In honor of Portlandia's 8th and final season, Subaru presents a few of our favorites.


Put A Bird On It

Portlandia enters the pop-culture lexicon and inspires us to put birds on literally everything.

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Colin the Chicken

Who's your chicken, really? Behold the emerging locavore trend captured perfectly to the nth degree.

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Dream Of The '90s

This treatise on Portland made it clear that "the dream" was alive and well.

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No You Go

We Americans spend most of our lives in cars. Fortunately, there's a Portlandia sketch for every automotive situation.

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A-O River!

We learned all our outdoor survival skills from Kath and Dave.

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One More Episode

The true birth of binge watching, pre-Netflix. And what you'll do once Season 8 premieres.

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Catch up on Portlandia's best moments before the 8th season premieres January 18th on IFC.