Fred Armisen Visited Marc Maron's WTF Garage For a Revealing Interview

Like peanut butter and chocolate or bacon and everything, Fred Armisen and Marc Maron are two of our favorite things that are even better together. Which is why we're excited that the Portlandia and Documentary Now! co-creator stopped by Marc's garage for an in-depth conversation on the latest WTF podcast. Naturally, the lively conversation touched on their mutual love of music and comedy. And if you're wondering whether Marc asked about SNL's Lorne Michaels, then you haven't listened to enough WTFs.

You can listen to Fred and Marc's chat right now over on the WTF with Marc Maron site, and check out the brand-new Howl APP for the complete WTF archives. And for more Fred, be sure to watch Portlandia and Documentary Now! on Netflix. Basically, you may never leave your house again.