Get Mellow With Blue Jean Committee's Catalina Breeze Music Video

It's not often that a fictional band successfully blurs the line between parody and reality to become a living, breathing, performing group. Spinal Tap did it, so did The Archies -- albeit in cartoon form. But now, Fred Armisen and Bill Hader's '70s lite rock outfit The Blue Jean Committee, seen in the two-part finale of Documentary Now!, has joined the fray of bands who are too good to remain a joke.

Following an actual, no-foolin' 12-inch EP release of their "previous" hits, BJC now has a music video for their classic track "Catalina Breeze." Directed in B-roll style by Rhys Thomas and Alex Buono, the video perfectly encapsulates the smooth jams and lighthearted antics that occur on tour with a laid back group of fellas.

Check out the music video for "Catalina Breeze" below. For more Documentary Now!, check out the complete archive, full episodes, and music from the show.