Watch the Ad for the Documentary Now! 294-Disc Definitive Collection

The definitive collection of Bill Hader's, Fred Armisen's, and Seth Meyers's stunning film series Documentary Now! is available for the first time in a limited edition 294-disc set, which may seem excessive, but in fact is barely large enough to cover the scope of 50 years of excellence and integrity in documentary filmmaking.

In the series, whose 50th season premieres on IFC on Thursday, August 20 at 10p, viewers are invited to follow along as journalists Hader and Armisen travel the world to uncover fascinating true stories, from Inuit culture to an indifferent ’70s rock band to a reclusive mother-daughter duo to introducing the world to the “traditional” Icelandic Al Capone Festival. They even head to Mexico to help on a manhunt for a drug lord named El Chignon.

Watch the trailer and order the Definitive Collection of Documentary Now!:

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Documentary Now! premieres Thursday, August 20 at 10p