Vulture Honors Comedy Bang! Bang! and Documentary Now! For Best Sketches of 2015

Whether you enthusiastically agree with them or voice your resentments in the comments sections, year-end "best of" lists are incredibly addictive. Now that we're in the dog days of wrap-up review season, critics and fans are combing through 2015 for the gems we may have missed. And hot on the footsteps of Documentary Now! making the cut for both EW and the New York Times' Best TV of the year lists, NY Magazine's Vulture website chose segments from both the Fred Armisen and Bill Hader series and Comedy Bang! Bang! as among the year's ten best comedy sketches.

Coming in at #2, the entire episode "A Town, a Gangster, a Festival" from Documentary Now! -- which is deemed an extended sketch by Vulture's Jesse David Fox -- is honored for being "one of the most tonally unique pieces of comedy" the critic has ever seen. "Played 100 percent real, with an almost all-Icelandic cast, it just feels so much like a real documentary," Fox writes. "The closest comparison I could think of is 'This American Life,' in the sort of quirky yet openhearted way it explores a minor story -- except, again, it is completely fictionalized."

Check out a snippet of the Documentary Now! episode below.

At #3 is the "Temptations Reboot" sketch from Comedy Bang! Bang! featuring Kid Cudi as a lead in a jukebox musical for the Motown group The Temptations. Vulture commended the show's choice of glowing critical reviews that run throughout the sketch and the way it "plays with repetition and payoff masterfully."

You can watch the entire "Temptations Reboot" sketch below.