12 Batastic Facts About the '60s Batman Series

Long before Tim Burton’s Batman or Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, there was the Batman television series. It was everything you'd expect from a superhero show in the ‘60s: campy, goofy, and chock-full of cameos from some of the biggest names in Hollywood. Here are 12 facts to help you truly appreciate the ‘60s Batman series to the fullest.

12. Batgirl Was Supposed to Have Her Own Show

Originally, Batgirl was going to be a stand alone show. Instead she became a main character in the third and final season of Batman. Here's a clip of the unaired pilot.


11. Egghead Started on the Series But Was Written Into the Comics

Egghead was known for 3 things: he was super smart, he threw tricked-out eggs and made egg puns like it was his job. The character (played by Vincent Price) eventually found his way into the comics, which certainly wasn’t un-eggs-pected. (Please forgive us.)



10. Catwoman Was Played by 2 Different Actresses

Without a doubt one of the sexiest and infamous female characters in comic book history, Catwoman was originally played by the iconic Julie Newmar. When Newmar was unable to return to the role during season 3, Eartha Kitt stepped in as her replacement. (Source)

Julie Newmar:


Eartha Kitt:


9. The Riddler Was Nominated for an Emmy

Frank Gorshin was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role in a Comedy for his portrayal as The Riddler. Random Fact: Gorshin also voiced Hugo Strange in 2004's animated series The Batman, while Adam West voiced Mayor Grange.



8. The Archer Existed Only in the Series

The Archer (Art Carney) was slightly based on a character from the Superman universe, but never appeared in any Batman comics.



7. Bruce Wayne Recorded a Song

And because he was a bit of a tool back then, he probably played this to woo his dates. And it probably worked.


6. And So Did Robin

Not to be outdone, Robin followed suit. We're guessing this didn't have the same effect. Always a bridesmaid, buddy.


5. Liberace Played a Villain

Why this wasn't prominently featured in Behind the Candelabra beats us. This was without a doubt the shining moment of Liberace's career. Seriously, he was pretty convincing as the maniacal villain Chandell.


Chandell's antics also allowed for one of the most amazing and ridiculous escapes by the crime fighting duo ever. It also explains #6 and #7.


4. The Joker and the Penguin Tied for Most Appearances

Both villains show up to make a mess out of everything in 19 episodes. These two were robbed of their own Bosom Buddies-esque spin-off. They knew how to have a good time.



3. The Penguin Had VIP Treatment

The legendary Burgess Meredith's performance was so popular, writers always had a script featuring the Penguin ready for whenever Meredith was available. Could you imagine if Mickey Goldmill told Rocky he'd "eat lightning and crap thunder" while rockin' a monocle?



2. The Green Hornet and Batman Were Frenemies

One of the great things about the early superhero shows were they often did crossover episodes. Apparently, Bruce Wayne and Britt Reid had a long standing rivalry since childhood. We're not clear why, we just love any chance to watch Kato steal the show.


1. '60s Batman Was a Groovy Dude

The '60s were a swinging time, and even Batman was prone to boogie down. His signature dance, the Batusi, wasn't just another WayneTech invention. It was actually based on the Watusi - a dance craze from that era.