Who's the Boss?

When his career is cut short by injuries, an ex-Major League baseball player and single dad goes to work as a live-in housekeeper for a high-powered advertising executive and single mom.

S4, E4

Trip to the Principal

Jonathan starts acting bizarre after moving up a grade into junior high school.

S4, E5

New Kid in Town

Tony tries to fix Samantha up with a boy (Scott Bloom) who always is crusading for causes.

S4, E6

Two on a Billboard

Tony volunteers to sit on top of a billboard to raise funds for the parents' association's literacy campaign.

S4, E7

A Farewell to Nick

The family is distressed by the sudden death of Tony's father-in-law.

S4, E8

Hell on Wheels

While Tony is temporarily confined to a wheelchair, Angela springs into action as housekeeper and nursemaid.