Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper's lavish life is halted after his brother and nephew move in with him. Charlie, a jingle writer, and Alan, a chiropractor, could not be more different. The two brothers overcome their conflicting lifestyles to raise Alan's son Jake.

S4, E8

Release the Dogs

Alan takes Charlie's suggestion of a jog on the beach to cure his insomnia; Jake pleads with Charlie not to date the mother of a girl he likes.

S4, E9

Corey's Been Dead for an Hour

Charlie and Alan go on a double date, leaving Jake home alone for the first time.

S4, E10

Kissing Abe Lincoln

Charlie must choose between his girlfriend and his housekeeper; Alan looks to sell Kandi's condo, but sex keeps getting in the way.

S4, E11

Walnuts and Demerol

Charlie finds himself throwing an unwanted, unplanned holiday party; Evelyn tries to keep Charlie from sleeping with his party date.

S4, E12

Castrating Sheep in Montana

Berta learns that Alan has been dating her daughter (Sara Rue).