Three's Company

When two single girls need a roommate to share their Santa Monica apartment, they decide to offer a room to the guy they find passed out in the bathtub after the going-away party for their last roommate. Hijinks ensue.

S5, E11

Make Room for Daddy

Jack plans a big night for his date with Cheryl, but her father shows up instead of Cheryl. He wants some tips on connecting with women. The father immediately puts the tips to use by asking Janet out.

S5, E12

Janet's Secret

When Janet's parents arrive, Jack and Cindy learn that her parents think that she and Jack are married. And when they stay, she and Jack have to keep up the charade which includes them sleeping together which is awkward.

S5, E13

Father of the Bride

Cindy is being pursued by a guy who doesn't take no for an answer. Jack decides to go on their date posing as her brother to tell him she doesn't want him. But the guy is so wealthy, Jack can't help but be impressed.

S5, E14

Furley vs. Furley

When Furley refuses to stand up to his brother and tell him that he has to fix the apartment building, Jack goes and talks to him. The guy is impressed with Jack that he makes him the new building manager leaving Furley out in the cold.

S5, E15

In Like Larry

The girls think Jack does not do his share of work, and Jack thinks they are taking advantage of him. Larry has the solution - Jack stays at Larry's place, and Larry stays with the girls. Soon, everyone wants what they originally had.

S5, E16

Teacher's Pet

Jack teaches a cooking class and Janet attends. He tells her that she will not get any special attention. However, Jack does give special attention to another student - the Dean's niece. Betty Jean hopes to get an A in class.

S5, E17

And Baby Makes Four

Lilly the barmaid is pregnant and deserted by the father, so Cindy vaguely complains to the roommates about men and pregnancy. As a result, Jack and Janet think Cindy is the one pregnant.

S5, E18

The Night of the Ropers

The Ropers make a surprise visit after their latest spat. Jack and Janet try to get them back together again.

S5, E19

Double Trouble

When Furley's attractive niece is visiting, Jack wants to go out with her but can't because Furley thinks he's gay. So Jack pretends he has a lookalike brother visiting from Texas named Austin. Furley buys it, but things get complicated.

S5, E20

The Case of the Missing Blonde

Jack and Janet come home and find the apartment all a mess. They can't find Cindy. They learn that there was a commotion earlier. They assume something happened to her so they try to find her.

S5, E21

Honest Jack Tripper

Jack decides to be honest from now on no matter what- a decision that ends up creating many more problems than it solves.

S5, E22

Dying to Meet You

Jack and Larry notice a gorgeous woman at the bar, but also notice her dangerously jealous boyfriend. Jack is concerned, but Larry keeps egging the boyfriend into a fight. The girlfriend seems to pursue Jack.