A bohemian couple goes to great lengths to make sure that their restaurant order is ethical and humane. Guest starring Steve Buscemi and Jason Sudeikis.

S8, E1

Riot Spray

Spyke gets his old band back together. Podcasters investigate a police station. Candace brings Toni to her childhood summer home.

S8, E2

Shared Workspace

Toni & Candace get involved in women's healthcare. Peter & Nance deal with a sushi situation. Kathleen becomes the first female partner at her firm.

S8, E3

No Thank You

Fred & Carrie help Rachel navigate the world of dating apps. Kath & Dave take on an escape room. Joey tries therapy. Andy & Drew swear off women.

S8, E5

Open Relationship

Doug & Claire try an open relationship. A company uses VR for an important meeting. The Mayor waits for a helicopter. Fred steps on a snail.

S8, E6

You Do You

Sandra discovers she can have it all. Portland adds more lanes to the freeway. Kath & Dave learn the art of taking photo booth pictures.

S8, E7

Most Pro City

The Mayor sets out to prove Portland's diversity. Text message drama unfolds during a business meeting. Activists on a hunger strike take a cheat day.

S8, E9

Long Way Back

The Weirdos lose their trash can, which takes an unexpected journey throughout the city. Malcolm & Kris visit a pediatrician. Fred & Carrie just give up.

S8, E10

Rose Route

The Mayor cuts deals all over town to secure the perfect route for the Portland Marathon. Fred & Carrie decide to run to break their addiction to news alerts.