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The Kids in the Hall

The hilarious Canadian sketch comedy troupe consisting of comedians Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson who, more often than not, put bizarre, unique, and insane twists in their skits.

S2, E1

Episode 1

In this episode you'll meet the paranoid undercover alien who overreacts to innocent questions, the bad doctor who just states facts, and the most handsome man in the world. Sketches include: Spring, Comfortable, Trucker #2, and Hard Day

S2, E2

Episode 2

In this episode you'll find fan favorites like Cabbage Head and the flamboyant Buddy, while the French trappers travel through an office trapping businessmen for their suits. Sketches include: Cops: O Canada, Trapper, and Cabbage Head: Old Friends

S2, E3

Episode 3

The crazy Sizzler sisters perform their lounge act and news anchorman cannot stop laughing while trying to report the news. Meanwhile, Kathie the secretary, wins Miss Canada. Sketches include: Mark's Newscast: Paper Airplanes and Sizzler & Sizzler

S2, E4

Episode 4

Watch the Nutty Bunnies frolic in a field, Buddy's commentary on why being outed isn't a bad thing, and a man who has to deal with both a nagging wife and parrot. Sketches include: Nutty Bunnies, Queer Nation, Cops: Uniform, and Excellent Dinner

S2, E5

Episode 5

From Bruce having to face a jury of his ex-girlfriends, to a blind date with the Chicken Lady, as well as a bank robbery by the insane Sizzler Sisters, this episode is sure to leave you laughing. Sketches include: The Jury and Cops: Shootout

S2, E6

Episode 6

In this episode, the Kids introduce Theo, the cool teacher who confides to his class, as well as the Bad Anecdote Guy. Meanwhile, Buddy spots a nymph in the woods. Sketches include: Second Novel, Baboon, Hair Loss, Conversation, and Buddy: Wood Nymph

S2, E7

Episode 7

Gavin irritates a guy painting a chair and a cheating man sings a song in a western bar. Sketches include: Lady Is a Tramp, Meet the Geralds, I'm English, Lady Is a Tramp Part II, Painting a Chair, The Lack O Trust Blues, and Lady Is a Tramp Part III

S2, E8

Episode 8

Check out this group of hilarious sketches that feature a couple being serenaded on the beauty of liposuction and a terrible lounge act singing a song. Sketches include: I Can't Play the Piano, Democracy, Tampa Bay, and Cops: Goose, Freak

S2, E9

Episode 9

In this Kids in the Hall episode, the Head Crusher is injured and undergoes physical therapy, an S&M pair discuss Shelly Long, and a pair of disillusioned parents hold a press conference. Sketches include: Cops: Dream and Crushing Hospital

S2, E10

Episode 10

Watch a guy who can guess everything but weight, a first date where they skip the sex and get right to the guilt, and The Scott Thompson show by Scott Thompson. Sketches include: Guess Your Weight, Go for Guilt, and Hustlers: Math Teachers

S2, E11

Episode 11

In this Kids in the Hall episode you'll learn that the Queen doesn't know her ABC's anymore, red haired girls are evil, and Beethoven's Fifth Symphony was inspired by Beethoven's Fifth Orgasm, it's a fact. Sketches include: Fact #2 and That's America

S2, E12

Episode 12

On a faraway planet, a son asks his father about the place they call Las Vegas. Meanwhile, a support group helps men tyrannized by their bladders while Dave provides proof that Jesus was a bad carpenter. Sketches include: Cops: Bubble Bath

S2, E13

Episode 13

A heckler questions whether Mississippi Gary really has the blues. Bruce is disappointed by how the other Kids react to his suicide attempt. The Cops and the "It's a Fact" girl make appearances. Sketches include: A hardboiled children's book author.

S2, E14

Episode 14

The episode includes Buddy's correspondence with the Queen and the announcement of the Touch Paul Bellini contest winner. Sketches include: Report, Gandar 1, M. Piedlourde Court un Marathon, Jazz Music, Gandar 2, and Touch Bellini #1

S2, E15

Episode 15

Mr. Heavyfoot kicks a ball too far and a mean doctor likes to tell people they have cancer, but he's losing his touch. Meanwhile, Melanie has her date in her parent's bedroom. Sketches include: M. Piedlourde Donne Un Coup De Pied Au Ballon

S2, E16

Episode 16

From the Anti-Communist folk singer, The Leslie de Gaulle Trio, to the Cincinnati Kid who’s come looking for the Toronto Kid, the bizarre characters and situations featured in this episode are sure to leave you laughing.

S2, E17

Episode 17

The Head Crusher finally faces his nemesis and someone gets punched in a song. Sketches include: Thousand Dollars, Cops: Towing; Decorator 1, and Head Crusher: Rival

S2, E18

Episode 18

Businessmen discuss a disturbing piece of mail, Melanie falls in love with an impatient man in line, and Cabbage Head talks about his religious conversion on a talk show. Sketches include: Clandestine Meeting 1, The Letter, and Plungers

S2, E19

Episode 19

A man in a record store thinks about getting a Doors album and the secretaries are all exhausted because the office switched to decaf coffee. Sketches include: The Cure, Secretaries: Logey, 30 Second Stories: Tess, and Directions

S2, E20

Episode 20

Check out the story of the tube top of justice as well as the boss who looks for someone to blame for the bad weather. Sketches include: Lively Party, Butcher Shop, Cops: Sexism, Who's to Blame, Cops: Clouds, Having Tea, Faux Pas, and Cops: Partners

S2, E21

Episode 21

This Season 2 best-of compilation features fan favorite sketches such as Fact: Uncle Tony, Head Crusher: Rival, Off Swingin', Daddy Drank, The Affair, Fact #3, The Doctor, A Little Something, Fact: 45 Years of Love, First Time, and Girls of Summer.

S2, E22

Episode 22

This best-of compilation features Season 2 favorites such as The Cops, Chicken Lady, Simon and Hecubus, and Hazy Movie.