Binge Season 1

In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin

Get ready for a very Hamlin Holiday! Actor Harry Hamlin (Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches), and his niece and classically trained chef Renee Guilbault, cook up a holiday feast, for the whole family featuring Lisa Rinna, Kenny G, and more.

S1, E2

Harry's Linoleum Chicken

Harry and Renee welcome Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, and Dean Norris to their kitchen, where they whip up a quick and easy dinner that Harry lovingly refers to as "linoleum chicken," for reasons you'll have to hear to believe...

S1, E3

A Mayfair Witches Garden Party

It's a backyard barbecue, done Mayfair Witches style! Harry invites his costars Jen Richards and Tongayi Chirisa over for a festive cookout featuring Renee's mouthwatering grilled lamb chops and a magical music-filled sunset by the fire.

S1, E4

Harry's Clash of the Spices

Who says meatless meals are boring? Harry's vegan risotto is anything but bland, thanks to his unique spice mix that Renee calls a "Clash of the Spices." Friend and seasoned Hollywood actor Ed Begley Jr. stops by for this veggie-themed brunch.

S1, E5

A Meal That's Hard to F*** Up

Sometimes a simple countertop meal is enough, especially when Harry has a laid-back guest like Zahn McClarnon, from AMC's Dark Winds, in his kitchen to enjoy an easy fish dish and exchange stories with Harry from their decades-long careers.