Food Party

Food Party is a pseudo-reality cooking show that takes you on surreal adventures through space, time and genre. Multi-course, out-of-this-world gourmet meals are cooked up by lovely hostess, Thu Tran, and a cast of color puppets.

S2, E1

Thu Has a Normal Day

Thu Tran takes everyone through a typical day in the life of Food Party. She goes on many adventures, one in which she swims with a whale.

S2, E2

PBJ Love

After a fiasco with bees, Peanut Butter Jerry has to go to the hospital. Things go awry when Grape Jenny falls in love with Peanut Butter Jerry.

S2, E3

Thu Strikes It Rich

A normal night of cooking goes awry when a rich playboy crashes his car through Thu's kitchen. He leaves compensation for the crash.

S2, E4

The Emperor's New Dinner

Thu tries to improvise when King of the World comes to eat at her restaurant, but things turn bad when he gets angry and turns everyone into food.

S2, E5

Deja Thu

Thu makes a lunch for her father who reveals she is adopted and that her biological family is living nearby. She gets in a loop of deja vu.

S2, E6


Thu wins 8 turkeys as a prize in a game show and uses them to cook unique stuffings for each kind of turkey. She meets with an engineer for help.

S2, E7


Thu the vampire hosts a variety of blood inspired dishes. She tries to steal the blood from a duck, but this does not go as she plans.

S2, E8


A giant rat eats Thu's gingerbread house and leaves the proof behind. The worst of the destruction is all the feces left behind.

S2, E9

The Oregano Garden

Thu harvests oregano buds, all with the help of her celebrity Grandpa, some rasta bees, and a little bit of tie dye. She attempts crafts as well.

S2, E10

Cannibal Holiday

A huge storm leaves Thu resorting to the only food she has left - her own body. She experiments with cannibalism in an attempt to keep herself alive.

S2, E11

RV Episode

Thu takes an RV ride to find a meal for $3.99. She is en route to Las Vegas and meets very interesting strangers along the way.

S2, E12

Food Zombie

Thu and friends encounter a donut-loving zombie. However, this zombie has destructive plans of its own by taking down the moon.

S2, E13

Eggcino Man

An egg is found, and then a wizard appears in front of Thu and her daughter. Thu must battle a wizard in an egg fight to save her daughter.

S2, E14

Mirror Diet

Thu learns a lot about dieting from the Mirror Diet Guru. She learns to prepare the right amount of food by using mirrors in her preparation.

S2, E15

Zit Butter

The butter factory does not appreciate Thu's attitude, so they spray her with butter. Thu creates food using zit butter.

S2, E16

Sweet Sixteen

For Thu's Sweet Sixteen, she happily prepares food. Thu gets a special birthday gift from her father, which leads to her fulfilling her passions.

S2, E17

Ad Lib Episode

Thu is saved by a tonic after eating bad meat. Before she is saved, she recalls a story of the donut, the Moon and the spoon.

S2, E18


Thu has to babysit a koala. She then realizes she must experiment with vegan recipes. Vincent van Gogh also comes into the picture.

S2, E19

Thu and Bu - Part 1

When a King falls in love with Thu, they get married, but Thu's evil stepmother kills her and replaces her with evil stepsister Bu.

S2, E20

Thu and Bu - Part 2

The King is unhappy, soon realizing something is wrong after marrying his new bride. He then sets out for revenge for trickery that is afoot.