There are no screw-ups, only pleasant whoopsies.

S1, E1

Learn to Paint with the Shirtless Painter

There are no screw-ups, only pleasant whoopsies.

S1, E2

ASMR with Kelly Whispers

I truly don't know what I would do if you didn't like this sound.

S1, E3

The Divorced Dad Cooking Show

Cooking for one, cooking for three every other weekend, and always doing the best that you can.

S1, E4

Conversations with Pigeon Man

What titillates those talons?

S1, E5

Long Haired Businessmen

This conference call is almost as long as their beautiful hair.

S1, E6

Yelling Man


S1, E7

Pigeon Man, Part 2

More stimulating conversation with Pigeon Man.

S1, E8

The Shirtless Painter, Part 2

Prepare your brushes.

S1, E9

Making Out

Making out comes in many forms.

S1, E10


Do you have what it takes to be an anchor?

S1, E11

FOD TV News, Part 2

The news team asks hard-hitting questions such as: why won't you die?

S1, E12


PopBurst.TV pokes its nose in every topic imaginable!

S1, E13

Alan and Elle

Cartuna presents the world's second, more dysfunctional couple, Alan and Elle.

S1, E14

Alan and Elle, Part 2

Adam is, like, literally the dumbest person we know.

S1, E15

Divorced Dad, Part 2

It's... it's just so hard sometimes.

S1, E16

Divorced Dad, Part 3

Chez Dad is still a "wok" in progress.

S1, E17

Dogs in the Park

The Man wants me to sit? I will stand!

S1, E18

The Most You Learn

Educate yourself.

S1, E21

Divorced Dad, Part 4

Why eat your feelings alone when you can do it around (some) friends and family?