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What to Watch on IFC


CBB Tonight: Gillian Jacobs, The Nerdist & Vampire Chefs

Gillian Jacobs and Jason Mantzoukas are stopping by Comedy Bang! Bang! tonight at 10/9c. They think they’re coming to an ordinary talk show, but really they are going to help solve a series of mysteries including: Does Reggie’s new girlfriend have a secret agenda? Why is Chris Hardwick here? Who’s inside the mysterious coffin on […]


Cloverfield, V for Vendetta and BFFs on The Buzzfeed Block

What do Timon and Pumba, Batman and Robin and Romy and Michelle have in common? Absolutely nothing, other than the fact that they make great companions in great movies. On this Saturday’s Buzzfeed Block, we’re showcasing good friends in bad times with Cloverfield at 8/7c followed by V for Vendetta at 9:45/8:45c. To accompany the […]

large bankok dangerous blu-ray9

Nicolas Cage is Bangkok Dangerous and Totally Bananas

In Bangkok Dangerous, which we’re showing tonight at 10:15 p.m. ET, Nicolas Cage’s hitman character was taught four rules: 1. There is no such thing as right and wrong. Except this is very wrong: Photo courtesy Imgur 2. There is no such thing as trust. For example: don’t trust this banana: Photo courtesy Imgur 3. […]


CBS Still MIA? Catch Slumdog Millionaire on IFC

Danny Boyle’s Slumdog Millionaireairs tonight at 8/7c


Mice, Supernatural Men and The Green Mile Tonight at 8/7c

Before falling in love with zombies, Walking Dead creator Frank Darabont made this Oscar-nominated classic. It’s a moody film with incredible performances and one of the best starring roles for a mouse this side of Stuart Little. Be warned, though: It’s a tear-jerker. So only watch with people you are comfortable seeing you cry like […]


Watch Poseidon and Cabin Fever on This Week’s Buzzfeed Block

The Buzzfeed Block kicks off Saturday at 8/7c.


What to Watch This Week: July 29 – August 4

Monday Do not pass go, but head directly to Middle Earth tonight at 6/5c or 9:45/8:45c with a double feature of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. Watch hobbits Frodo (Elijah Wood) and Sam (Sean Astin) try to destroy the One Ring. And don’t miss Gandalf the Grey (Ian McKellen) lighten up as […]


What to Watch on IFC Tonight: Kick-Ass at 8/7c

Guess what we’re showing tonight? One hint: It kicks ass. Kick-Ass chronicles the misadventures of comic book geek Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) who decides to start fighting crime, even though he has no coordination or special powers. The high school student documents his ill-advised but sometimes effective vigilante shenanigans on YouTube, quickly developing a loyal […]


Watch Orlando Bloom in The Lord of The Rings and The Kingdom on the Buzzfeed Block

Whether he’s playing an elf or a pirate, a boxer or a gladiator, there’s no denying it: Orlando Bloom is hot. The Aussie actor But if you wanted to, say, spend an evening staring at his hotness in ascending order of said hotness, which movie would you start with? Troy? The Three Musketeers? The Kingdom? […]


Five Reasons to Watch a Malcolm in the Middle Marathon Today

You may not have noticed, but it’s hot out. Like, really really hot. So today we are giving you a good excuse to stay indoors: A Malcolm in the Middle marathon all day from this very second until 7 p.m. ET. If you didn’t watch the show when it originally aired from 2000-2006, you will […]