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5 Hilarious Music Videos Based on Movies

The Sweet Ones have a sweet new video called WINNERS! – featuring their latest single “Bobby Tighten Up” – which we are premiering right here and now. Fans of the ’79 movie Breaking Away may notice certain similarities. Watch it below, along with several other hilarious videos inspired by movies. 1. The Sweet Ones – […]


Bill Hader’s 10 Most Memorable SNL Sketches

See Bill Hader this Friday at 10/9c on Comedy Bang! Bang!


CBB GIF Recap: Andy Richter Can’t Stop Laughing

1. Andy Richter asked Scott “What is your name again?” Didn’t he read the title card? 2. It was worth a laugh, though. 3. Reggie knows what’s funny. 4. …and how to get some action going. 5. Touchdown! Oh, and political cartoonist Tom Perdy stopped by: Want the latest news from Comedy Bang! Bang!? Like […]


Happy Monday: Watch Breaking Bad Sing R Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix)”

Garfield was right: Mondays suck. But not this Monday, because today the internet provided us with a video of some of our favorite things all smooshed together into one completely fracking awesome mashup starring the Breaking Bad characters singing R. Kelly’s “Ignition (Remix).” It’s like the internet knows us somehow and wants us to be […]


The Birthday Boys Spoof Home Alone and More

Our new sketch series The Birthday Boys


10 Great Music Videos Hijacked by Comedians

No doubt the new Mumford & Sons video is the viral sensation of the week. Take that Peyton Manning! Of course it isn’t the first time comedians have hijacked music videos. Here’s a look back at our 10 favorite comedy-music mash-ups to keep your week moving. Toe-tapping, even dancing, is encouraged. 1. Zach Galifianakis and […]


Fred Armisen Disrupts Kings of Leon Rehearsal

Fred Armisen has a habit of popping up in unexpected places like in a Queens of the Stone Age informercial and at the Kings of Leon’s rehearsal space in Nashville. It must be all that practice playing hide and seek. In the new promo video for the AMEX Unstaged live webcast Fred’s directing for the […]


Watch a Supercut of SNL Cast Members Cracking Up on Set

We blame Jimmy Fallon.


Always Off: Here’s A Vine Of A Cat Twerking

It’s hard getting back to work after an All-American Super-Sized holiday like the extra long July Fourth weekend. Luckily the internet is here to help. Some working class hero has posted a Vine of his cat twerking to Juvenile’s “Back That Ass Up”. Can someone get this guy a MacArthur genius grant already? We can’t […]


Exclusive premiere: Ace Reporter “Untouched And Arrived”

Dirty chucks, construction paper armadas, and your head in the clouds.