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Star Wars


Saturn Awards: Frank Oz talks “Star Wars,” George Lucas and the possibility of a Yoda spinoff

IFC caught up with the actor when he accepted his Life Career Award at the Saturn Awards.


Elizabeth Banks + Star Wars = Comedy Bang! Bang! Magic

We were already excited that 30 Rock star Elizabeth Banks was coming to Comedy Bang! Bang! on Friday, but then we got even more excited. We found out that not only is “The Hunger Games” star joining host Scott Aukerman to discuss “mother”-hood and the consequences of saying the special word of the day, but […]

sdcc hasbro 620×375

SDCC 2012 ends with a special delivery of Comic-Con toys

This year’s pop-culture riot known as Comic-Con International may be over, but our pals at Hasbro made the return from San Diego a little sweeter with a special delivery that hit my doorstep at some point amid the West Coast nerdery. Newsflash: A massive box of toys is a pretty good cure for a red-eye […]


E3 2012: 10 upcoming video games that movie fans should check out

From “Star Wars: 1313” to “The Avengers: Battle for Earth,” we checked out all the best of the games at E3 that have a movie tie-in.

Star Wars

“Star Wars” TV series will be “Deadwood” in space

Producer Rick McCallum gives updates on the planned TV series.


Our Five Favorite James Earl Jones Roles

James Earl Jones is a bad mofo when he wants to be. Watch him tonight in “Conan the Barbarian” and see for yourself.


George Lucas says Greedo always shot first

“It’s not a religious event. I hate to tell people that. It’s a movie, just a movie,” he says of “Star Wars.”


The rise of the film critic filmmaker

The line between film critic and film maker has always been a blurry one. “Battleship Potemkin” director Sergei Eisenstein wrote essays and books about the language of motion pictures that continue to be studied by film students to this day. Many of the biggest figures of the French New Wave, from Jean-Luc Godard to Francois […]


Volkswagon unveils their “Star Wars” Super Bowl commercial

There’s a cute dog in there too.


The top 10 prophecies in movies

The year 2012 means terrible things for people who believe that the world will end along with the Mayan calendar on December 21. Thankfully, we have decades of movies to look back on and learn how to deal with whatever the apocalypse has to throw at us. Biblical prophecies, Mayan prophecies and Jedi prophecies have […]