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Star Wars


Brad Bird and Colin Trevorrow talk directing “Star Wars: Episode VII”

Brad Bird won’t sit in the director’s chair, but Colin Trevorrow might.


Will Darth Vader be resurrected for “Star Wars: Episode VII”?

A new rumor claims that Disney wants Darth Vader back in the new “Star Wars” movie.


Zack Snyder has no interest in directing “Star Wars: Episode VII”

“I just think doing [episodes] seven, eight and nine is just a slippery slope,” he says.


“Star Wars: Episode VII” targets “Toy Story 3” screenwriter Michael Arndt

Disney plans to pitch the movies to Brad Bird, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams.


Carrie Fisher would return for “Star Wars: Episode 7”

“Yes, sure. Wouldn’t you?” she told paparazzi.


Harrison Ford “open” to a role in “Star Wars: Episode 7”

A high-ranking source claims Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher are all considering returning to “Star Wars.”


George Lucas donating $4.05 billion from Disney deal to charity

The money will go to a foundation that focuses on education.


“Star Wars: Episode 7” will be an “original story”

The film will not be based on Timothy Zahn’s popular “Thrawn Trilogy.”

Disney acquires Lucasfilm

Disney buys Lucasfilm for $4 billion, new “Star Wars” movie coming 2015

George Lucas legendary studio heads to Disney to join Marvel and Pixar.


“Star Wars” prequels get back-to-back 3D rerelease dates

“Attack of the Clones” and “Revenge of the Sith” are both due out in theaters next year.