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Star Wars


10 Examples of People Yelling “Noooooooo!” in Movies

Because sometimes you just gotta scream “nooooo!”


Star Wars VII Trailer Gets the Whimsical Wes Anderson Treatment

We’re definitely down for any movie featuring a “hooded ruffian.”

Lego Star Wars

The Force Is Strong with These Two Star Wars Parodies

The first official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released this past weekend and it already has a few parodies.


10 Underrated Quotes in Legendary Movies

Impress your friends with the coolest quotes they’ve never heard of.


7 Most Badass Freedom Fighters of All Time

In case you have missed the news lately, Scotland is poised to cast a historical vote essentially ending their 307 year union with England and Wales, a move that would no longer make them part of Great Britain.


Samuel L. Jackson’s 16 Most Badass Movie Roles

He just may be one of the most badass people in movie history.


15 Movies with Crazy Cult Followings

Catch The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Monday, 10/28 – Wednesday, 10/30 at 12AM EST.


21 Best Movie Companions

1. Romy and Michele from “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly 2. Marty and Doc from “Back To The Future” Photo courtesy of LittleTinyFish/Universal Pictures 3. Evey (Natalie Portman) in “V For Vendetta” Photo courtesy of Tumblr/Warner Bros. Pictures 4. Batman and Robin Photo courtesy of Tumblr/Warner Bros. Pictures 5. […]


Patton Oswalt’s “Star Wars: Episode VII” dream becomes a short film

Thank you YouTube user iZacLess.


“Star Wars: Episode VII” will revisit “the origins of ‘Star Wars'”

Kathleen Kennedy released a statement about the new movie.