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Star Wars

“Star Wars” for classical music fans. (photo)

“Star Wars” for classical music fans.

These are heady days for “Star Wars” nerds — today and tomorrow, “Star Wars: The Concert” arrives at Anaheim’s Honda Center, preceding dates in downtown LA, around the US and, eventually, the world. This is no ordinary concert; $35-85 gets you two hours with 86 orchestra members, a 60-voice choir, a 60×35 foot tall LED […]

David Duchovny would like to be your Warren Beatty. (photo)

David Duchovny would like to be your Warren Beatty.

Every summer since “Star Wars,” pundits have complained about The Death of Adult Film. Sunday, it was the Washington Post‘s Ann Hornaday’s turn to speculate on why “movies for grown-ups are in the cross-hairs,” or, in her formulation: “Hello, ‘Paul Blart.’ Sayonara, ‘Frost/Nixon.’” Oh, c’mon. The article’s assumption is that anything that isn’t explicitly blockbuster […]

Metaphorical Aliens (photo)

Metaphorical Aliens

“District 9″‘s alien race is segregated into its own neighborhood — in South Africa. Which makes its metaphorical value pretty obvious. But race isn’t the only thematic burden extraterrestrials have borne in films. This week on the IFC News podcast, we look at some of the other things aliens have stood for. Download: MP3, 34:41 […]

The Sandbox: When Games Become Movie Sequels (photo)

The Sandbox: When Games Become Movie Sequels

Most games based on blockbuster movies just don’t deliver. Despite that, a new strain of cinema-related titles has been gaining traction over the last few years, and reached a head three days ago, when “Ghostbusters: The Video Game” hit store shelves: games that function as movie sequels. And it makes sense, since there are plenty […]

Gallery: Adventures at New York Comic Con 2009

Photos from the 2009 New York Comic Con (click on the thumbnails to see the images full-size): Nothing says “Welcome” like a giant blue He-Man statue. Stormtroopers on crowd control.

Defeating Darth Weinstein.

Hillary Clinton may be the Harvey Weinstein of politics, but Harvey Weinstein remains the, well, Harvey Weinstein of Indiewood. That Oscar mojo seems to be gone, but the man still knows how to grandly mistreat a film — take “Fanboys,” that long-anticipated comedy about four “Star Wars” megafans who embark on a 1998 road trip […]