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Star Wars

Death of the theatrical re-release.  (photo)

Death of the theatrical re-release.

UK citizens who feel like “Valentine’s Day” is still not enough Garry Marshall will be able to flock to a re-release of “Pretty Woman,” celebrating its 20th anniversary abroad but not at home. Aside from last year’s successful re-release of the first two “Toy Story”s in converted 3D, it’s been a long time since theatrical […]

Snubs, Stalin and stagnation amidst early Oscar reactions. (photo)

Snubs, Stalin and stagnation amidst early Oscar reactions.

Last night, per tradition, there was a fake leaked list of Oscar nominations (“It’s Complicated”!). This morning was the real thing, none of which struck me as particularly surprising, but what do I know? I’m no Oscar pundit! Okay, there were some small surprises. In the now doubled Best Picture field, the Coen brothers “A […]

The cranky charisma of Harrison Ford. (photo)

The cranky charisma of Harrison Ford.

Harrison Ford has a reputation for disliking interviews — so much so that, talking with the star ahead of Friday’s “Extraordinary Measures” at the AV Club, Tasha Robinson gets it out of the way first thing. “You have a reputation for hating doing publicity interviews. Does having that out front help?” she asks. Ford responds, […]

Ranting in Pictures (photo)

Ranting in Pictures

“‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ was the most disappointing thing since my son.” That’s the daffy opening line of filmmaker Mike Stoklasa’s “‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ Review,” an insightful, rudely funny takedown of George Lucas’ prequel. And it’s as good a place as any to start an appreciation of a hybrid of the video […]

Failure of the decade (photo)

Failure of the decade

The most colossal failure of the decade has been George Bush and his fascistic administration. By consequence, American foreign policy, American culture, and America overall has been a failure, if measured against the previous century. We entered the age of the supersized moron, plastic family values and air brushed crusades. On par with these fakes, […]

Good grief Holiday (photo)

Good grief Holiday

I’ve been watching the obligatory holiday favorites, a bit of “White Christmas” and the like though I can’t keep my attention fixed on them or keep away from the laptop for long. The beloved holiday Star Wars marathon is the only thing I find myself unable to look away from, even some of the new […]

“Star Wars” may have its own beer, but is it art? (photo)

“Star Wars” may have its own beer, but is it art?

There really is no end to what true “Star Wars” fanatics are willing to shell out for. Which can be a problem if, say, said product isn’t licensed by George Lucas, as Andrew Ainsworth recently found out the hard way. In 1976, Ainsworth — then an industrial designer — made 50 Stormtrooper helmets, for which […]

Crowdsourcing “Star Wars.” (photo)

Crowdsourcing “Star Wars.”

Truffaut used to say that a movie should have four ideas a minute. Well, François, say hello to “Star Wars: Uncut”, a full-length user-generated remake of “A New Hope” chopped up into 15-second segments — four per minute. The result is a staggering 2,161 separate amateur directors overall, a major sugar-buzz of crowdsourcing, “Raiders of […]

Supporting Characters Worthy of Spinoffs (photo)

Supporting Characters Worthy of Spinoffs

Ronald Chevalier, the pompous fantasy writer memorably played by Jemaine Clement in “Gentlemen Broncos,” seems so much more interesting that the film’s main storylines that we found ourselves wishing there was a whole movie only devoted to him. This week on the IFC News podcast, we look at a few other supporting characters we feel […]

Planet Melancholgia (photo)

Planet Melancholgia

What to call the mixture of grown-up melancholy and childhood nostalgia promised by a film like “Where the Wilds Things Are”? We’re not sure, but until someone gives us a better suggestion, we’re going with “melancholgia.” This week on the IFC News podcast, we look at the recent surge in melancholgic films about youth and […]