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Scott Aukerman


A Guide to Coping with the End of Comedy Bang! Bang!

After five seasons, Comedy Bang! Bang! has come to an end.


How the Comedy Bang! Bang! Crew Spent Their Break

The final season of Comedy Bang! Bang!

Austin Powers in Goldmember Fat Bastard

5 Reasons Austin Powers in Goldmember Is Too Rotten to Miss

Get groovy with Austin Powers in Goldmember during IFC’s Rotten Fridays.

Al Yankovic – Scott Aukerman – Comedy Bang Bang

Krysten Ritter, Reggie Watts and More Stopping By For Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Final Season

Comedy Bang! Bang! returns for its final season Friday, October 28th at 11P and 11:30P on IFC.

Hey nong man pokemon

10 Comedy Bang! Bang! Pokemon Caught By Fans

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Marc Maron Almost Famous

10 Times IFC Stars Shined on the Big Screen

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Ty Burrell

5 Times Comedy Bang! Bang! Guests Met With An Untimely Demise

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Word Search with Fred Armisen   YouTube

Watch Fred Armisen Try to Solve a Tricky Word Search Puzzle

This week we’re laughing at Fred solving a world puzzle, Steve Harvey versus a robot and more.


Scott Aukerman Trolls Batman V Superman In New Spider-Man/Deadpool Comic

Read Scott’s hilarious new Marvel comic out now.


10 Classic Comedy Bang! Bang! Moments

Scott and “Weird Al” remember some classic CB!B! moments tonight starting at 11P on IFC.