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platinum dunes

Malcolm McDowell in "Halloween"

Malcolm McDowell would love to play Loomis again in new “Halloween” remake

Bloody Disgusting reported this week that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes has acquired the rights to the “Halloween” and is looking to produce a new sequel, or reboot, or remake of some kind in the near future. The property, previously held by the Weinstein Company, has already been remade once before by director Rob Zombie and […]


Does Kid Cudi have a role in “Ninja Turtles”?

People have just barely started to quiet down regarding Michael Bay’s “Ninja Turtles” movie, and the uproar regarding his omission of both the Teenage and Mutant aspects of the iconic Heroes in a Half Shell. But now, thanks to a seemingly off-handed Tweet and Tumblr post, TMNT fans have something totally new to freak out: […]