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Malcolm McDowell


HCFF: Malcolm McDowell discusses the legacy of “A Clockwork Orange” and Stanley Kubrick

IFC covered the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend, and here’s what we found out.

Malcolm McDowell in Star Trek: Generations

“The Man Who Killed Captain Kirk” loves J.J. Abrams’ vision of “Star Trek”

Malcolm McDowell played mad scientist Dr. Tolian Soran in the 1994 film “Star Trek: Generations” and soon became known around Trek circles as “the man who killed Captain Kirk.” He’s a “Star Trek” alumnus so, of course when we had a chance to chat with the actor to discuss his latest film “Suing the Devil,” […]

Malcolm McDowell in "Halloween"

Malcolm McDowell would love to play Loomis again in new “Halloween” remake

Bloody Disgusting reported this week that Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes has acquired the rights to the “Halloween” and is looking to produce a new sequel, or reboot, or remake of some kind in the near future. The property, previously held by the Weinstein Company, has already been remade once before by director Rob Zombie and […]


Malcolm McDowell talks Tom Jones, his legendary career and his new film “Suing The Devil”

Legendary actor Malcolm McDowell has certainly played his fair share of big screen bad guys. From Alex DeLarge in “A Clockwork Orange” to Dr. Tolian Soran in “Star Trek Generations,” McDowell has turned the cinematic villain into an art form. Perhaps none of his previous characters, however, could match the historically tainted image that his […]


Malcolm McDowell happy to play the good guy in “Silent Night, Deadly Night” remake

This week, Variety broke the news that Hollywood is slated to start shooting a “loose” remake of the 1984 killer Christmas classic “Silent Night, Deadly Night” next month. Directed by Steven C. Miller with a script from Jayson Rothwell, the film (now titled simply “Silent Night”) will star the legendary Malcolm McDowell (“A Clockwork Orange”) […]

What would a 1970s-era “Expendables” cast look like? We’ll tell you (photo)

What would a 1970s-era “Expendables” cast look like? We’ll tell you

Okay, yes, “The Expendables,” ended up being better as an “idea” than a reality. Sylvester Stallone gathered a bunch of over-the-hill action stars (including his “Rocky IV” opponent, Dolph Lundgren, and his “Get Carter” pal, Mickey Rourke) for a bloody shoot-’em-up designed to show all the young whippersnappers out there that the old men still […]

A clockwork gray. (photo)

A clockwork gray.

As The Playlist points out, the first poster for the upcoming remake of British noir classic “Brighton Rock” pays reverent homage to that iconic, dorm-room staple one-sheet for “A Clockwork Orange.” Sam Riley’s thug has the same hat, ditto the thrust-upwards knife. What’s different are the colors — the lurid orange, white and black combo […]

Rob Zombie’s “CSI: Miami” episode. (photo)

Rob Zombie’s “CSI: Miami” episode.

While never a fan of Rob Zombie’s music, based solely off “The Devil’s Rejects” I have no choice but to take him seriously. He hasn’t delivered since, but the man has an original voice and is one of the few causes for hope about contemporary horror. So I was curious to see what Zombie would […]

Voicing Celebrity Concerns (photo)

Voicing Celebrity Concerns

Movie stars sell movie tickets, but do they also sell video games? The latest title to put this question to the test is “Brütal Legend,” a new action-adventure title set in a heavy-metal land of mythic creatures and crushing tunes that stars Tenacious D frontman and “School of Rock” maestro Jack Black as the voice […]