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Kumail Nanjiani


Kumail Nanjiani floats on in Portlandia

Contrary to popular opinion, Kumail Nanjiani does not sit around thinking about going back to the womb. That does not stop him from giving a float tank a try in the latest installment of Kumail Tours Portlandia. In this episode, Kumail decides to give floating in a salty sensory deprivation tank a whirl, despite the […]


Portlandia Tour: Kumail Nanjiani heads to a chicken halfway house

As we wait for a new episode of Portlandia to air, we find ourselves looking for ways to fill the time until Friday at 10/9c. We’re making doilies and micro-separating our recycling into different shades of green, brown and clear glass (yes there are shades of clear) and, of course, dusting our vagina pillows. Luckily, […]


Kumail Nanjiani Tours Portlandia’s Piercing Parlors

Watch this video right now. Well, only if you like to laugh out loud in your cubicle and potentially draw attention to your diminished workplace productivity. But hey, it’s the holidays, we’re all allowed a little goofing off. It’s a law! Besides how else are you going to get your Portlandia fix until the new […]


Take Kumail Nanjiani’s guided tour of Portlandia

Portlandia returns to IFC with Winter in Portlandia this Friday, December 14th at 10:30/9:30c.


The Five Best Bunk Games

While 10 out of 10 experts agree that Bunk is Bunk, we love our little comedy game show and even its constantly bare-foot host Kurt Braunohler. In fact we have a Bunk shaped hole in our heart since the season’s last episode aired two week’s ago. Want to know the cure to an achy breaky […]


Bunk has some ideas to improve Jesus’ last supper

Jesus knew a lot of things, but despite being able to turn water into wine and feeding five thousand people with a few loaves and fishes, based on his last supper, perhaps throwing a party isn’t at the top of his skill set. That’s where Bunk comes in. Perpetually barefoot host Kurt Braunohler tasked comedian […]


Bunk teaches kids about life

Move over Dr. Spock, because Bunk is here. Kids famously don’t come with instruction manuals, which is a shame because being a parent is hard and having some guidelines other than “do no harm” would be helpful, especially because it’s unclear whether letting your kid eat unlimited amounts of corn while watching Gilligan’s Island repeats […]


Draw for your life on Bunk

When Jack Benny was asked “Your money or your life” he famously answered, “I’m thinking, I’m thinking.” The comedian contestants on Bunk undoubtedly had the exact same response during a recent exercise on our game show. Host Kurt Braunohler challenged Michael Che, Dana Gould, and Andy Daly to draw something — anything — that would […]


Who wants to play dong swap?

There are a lot of super fun party games in the world. There are donkeys who need tails pinned on them, Spiderman pinatas to be beaten into submission (or hugged), and rousing rounds of duck duck goose. For the adults there’s beer pong, keg stands, and Trivial Pursuit. Those games are classics, but sometimes games […]


Everyone loves Bunk except maybe Gabe

Bunk is the best game show around. It has way more interesting categories than Jeopardy, harder challenges than Wheel of Fortune, and a more logical set of rules than Price is Right. Plus host Kurt Braunohler is far more dashing than Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, and Drew Carey combined. (Dashing in this instance means barefoot.) […]