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Kumail Nanjiani


Watch Fred Armisen Show Off His Uncanny Ability to Mimic Any Accent on The Meltdown

Durham, North Carolina never sounded so good.


This Week: It’s Portlandia vs The Simpsons, Mark Duplass Visits CBB

Catch Portlandia Thursday 10p; CBB airs Friday 11p.


There Was a Portlandia Premiere Party and We Have Pics to Prove It

* throws confetti *


10 Genius Kumail Nanjiani Jokes

From Call of Duty to Ice Cube, Kumail Nanjiani can always make us laugh


Portlandia: Tweet Along with Kumail Nanjiani Tonight

Follow along @IFCportlandia


IFC Throwback: Kumail Visits a Vegan Strip Club

The national political news cycle has been focused on some tweets between a certain mayor (not Kyle Maclachlan) and a dancer who works at a vegan strip club in Portland, Oregon. (Yes, those do exist.) In today’s IFC Throwback post, we take a look back to when Kumail visited one of the city’s famed vegan […]


Kumail goes to Portland’s Voodoo Doughnuts

[Spoiler Alert: You’re going to want doughnuts when you finish watching this installment of Kumail Tours Portlandia] Whenever people head to Portland, they first go pick up Portlandia: A Guide for Visitors and then they head straight to Voodoo Doughnuts. When the now world-famous doughnut shop was started by local legend and former mayoral candidate […]


Kumail Tours Portlandia: Going steam punk in Portlandia

If your geography is up to snuff, you probably know that Portlandia is located on the west coast of the United States. But did you also know that it’s also located in the “Wild Wild West”? While not all of Portlandia’s residents live in the strange steampunk world where science fiction meets steam-powered machines in […]


Kumail tours Portlandia’s vegan strip club (for work, really)

Kumail stops in at a strip club that caters to people with meat-free lifestyles.

Screen Shot 2013-01-21 at 10.42.33 AM

Kumail Nanjiani visits Portlandia’s tiniest house

During his travelogue series, Kumail Tours Portlandia, comic and Portlandia’s resident customer service expert, Kumail Nanjiani, has seen a lot of hot spots around the city of Portland, including a home for wayward chickens, a tattoo parlor and, of course, a certain feminist bookstore. But during this installment, Kumail — and his able assistant Jedadiah […]