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Ileana Douglas


Marc Maron has an erotic dishwasher

On last Friday’s episode of “Maron”, we all got to take a break from watching “Arrested Development” for an even better show: Watching Ileana Douglas berate Marc Maron for being a shallow jerk. Yes, Ileana got to yell at Marc for ditching out on the blind date she went to all the effort of setting […]


Live tweet Marc Maron and his “Dominatrix” during tonight’s episode of “Maron” starting at 10 pm

When tonight’s new episode of “Maron” kicks off at 10 pm ET/9 pm CT, we all get to watch as guest star Illeana Douglas tries to set Marc Maron up on a blind date with a nice, innocent girl. However, in true Marc fashion, he instead falls for a raunchy dominatrix who is played by […]


Watch Judd Hirsch, Andy Kindler and Marc Maron in a new clip from “Maron”

In this clip from last week’s episode of “Maron,” we met Marc Maron’s dad Larry, played by television legend Judd Hirsch. The onetime doctor was stripped of his medical license and is now peddling a vitamin supplement called “Maron’s Mix” that promises not only five hours of energy but also 72 hours of erection. He […]


Welcome to The Automat: Action!

Hello Morning People! We don’t know any of you personally, but rumor has it that you exist and that you enjoy excellent high-quality laugh-out-loud entertainment as much as people who like to sleep in until reasonable hours. Just because we don’t understand you doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you kick off your day […]

Everybody Now: Action!  (photo)

Everybody Now: Action!

As you may have heard, we are getting some stellar new shows in 2011: The Larry Sanders Show, Mr. Show with Bob and David, and The Ben Stiller Show are all slated to start airing in January. We also got our hands on the Hollywood-skewering comedy Action. Don’t know it? Right this way. Action follows […]