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Festival Supreme

Festival Supreme 2016

Flight of the Conchords, Fred Armisen, “Weird Al” and More to Rock LA’s Festival Supreme

Festival Supreme hits the Los Angeles Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds on October 29th.


Tenacious D’s 10 Most Insane Live Performances

Catch The D at Festival Supreme Saturday, October 10th at the LA Shrine Expo Hall & Grounds.

Tenacious D Animated

Hit the Road to Festival Supreme with Tenacious D’s New Animated Shorts

Tenacious D gets animated for this year’s Festival Supreme.


Top 10 Moments of Festival Supreme 2014

Tenacious D’s Festival Supreme returns to Shrine Expo Halls & Grounds on Sat, Oct 10.


Watch All of The State Reunite at Festival Supreme

The comedy stars aligned for The State reunion.


10 Horror Movies That Are More Hilarious Than Scary

Here’s a list of films that are either accidentally hilarious for all the wrong reasons, or where that line between schlockery and mockery is blurred.


Tenacious D Talk Asian Tour Plans, Cereal Jingles on Kimmel

Everything is better when you’ve got the D.


9 Horror Soundtracks That Will Give You Nightmares

One of the advantages movies have over books is the sonic potential of music


10 Horror Sequels You Seriously Need to Watch

Catch Army of Darkness on Sun, Oct 19 8p – part of Festival Supreme-O-Ween.


10 Scariest Opening Scenes in Horror Movies

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of horror movies you can get a good idea of how scary it’s going to be by the first few minutes. Here’s a guide to unforgettable horror openers.