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Eddie Murphy

Bulworth Warren Beatty

The Funniest Political Comedies From the ’90s

Documentary Now! tackles ’90s politics with “The Bunker,” premiering September 14th at 10P on IFC.

The Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy 1996

10 Weird Movie Substances That Had Hilarious Consequences

Catch The Nutty Professor this month on IFC.

The Nutty Professor

10 Actors Who Disappeared Into Their Roles

Catch Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor movies this month on IFC.

Eddie Murphy Beverly Hills Cop

5 Classic R-Rated Eddie Murphy Moments

Catch Beverly Hills Cop this month on IFC.

48 Hrs

The 10 Funniest Cops In Movie History

Catch Beverly Hills Cop and 48 Hrs. this month on IFC.

THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, Jada Pinkett, Eddie Murphy, 1996, (c)Universal Pictures/courtesy Everett Collec

15 Little-Known Facts About The Nutty Professor

Join us for Happy Hour Thurs Jan 15. The day’s special: The Nutty Professor at 7:45p.


7 Comedy Albums That Will Change Your Life (for at Least 20-30 Minutes)

Here, in no particular order, are 7 comedy albums with the power to change lives – for at least a half hour or so.


10 Genius Eddie Murphy Jokes

Eddie Murphy was cast on Saturday Night Live in 1980, when he was all of 19 years old. After dominating the show, he embarked on an incredibly successful run in movies, including 48 Hrs, Beverly Hills Cop, and Coming to America that made Murphy one of the biggest, most bankable stars of the‘80s. Aside from […]


17 incredibly awesome movie prosthetics

Sometimes you need a little more than talent to bring a character to life.


SNL Sketch Showdown: More Cowbell vs. James Brown Hot Tub Party

Will Ferrell and Eddie Murphy battle it out in an intense Round 3 matchup.