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Dream of the 90s


Celebrating Portlandia One Sketch at a Time

The final season of Portlandia approaches.


Portlandia’s Dream of the 90s Redux

The dream of the 90s is alive in “Portlandia” but it’s a different 90s.


Spoofing the spoofers: Five YouTube tributes to “Portlandia”

In one season, “Portlandia” created catchphrases and viral videos potent enough to nearly kill off an artistic cliché. If that’s not evidence enough of the show’s impact, just look on YouTube. Sure, searching “Portlandia + parody” won’t yield as many results as, say, “dog with eyebrows”—and really, what can compete with that juggernaut?—but if you’re […]

The Sweet Sounds of “Portlandia” (photo)

The Sweet Sounds of “Portlandia”

Carrie Brownstein gained well-deserved fame and notoriety as the guitarist in Sleater-Kinney for songs like “Jumpers”: Then she started doing sketch comedy with Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen in Thunderant and crafted scenes like this: Then along came Portlandia, her upcoming show on IFC with Fred Armisen, which premieres January 21, 2011 at 10:30 p.m. […]

The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive In ‘Portlandia’ (photo)

The Dream Of The 90s Is Alive In ‘Portlandia’

Ah, the 90s. Remember back when grunge was a music style AND a fashion trend? When everyone wanted to look like a junkie, but they called it “heroin chic”? Music was loud, hair color was unnatural, you could wear flannel to the opera, “Singles” was high art, combat boots and sundresses were the ultimate look, […]