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Dawn of the Dead

THE DARK KNIGHT, Heath Ledger as The Joker, 2008. ©Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection

10 Sequels That Were Better Than The Original

Proof that the second time is often the charm.


10 Scariest Opening Scenes in Horror Movies

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover, but in the case of horror movies you can get a good idea of how scary it’s going to be by the first few minutes. Here’s a guide to unforgettable horror openers.


5 Seriously Scary Horror Movie Remakes

Catch My Bloody Valentine on Sun, Feb 9 at 8:45PM EST – part of Slightly Off Cinema Sundays.

Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man

Five reboots that worked, in honor of “The Amazing Spider-Man” on Blu-ray

From “21 Jump Street” to John Carpenter’s “The Thing,” these five rebooted films bucked the trend.


HCFF: George Romero honored by Edgar Wright, Robert Kirkman, Zack Snyder and Simon Pegg

IFC covered the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend, and here’s what we found out.

Children of the Corn

The top 10 most evil children in movies

Evil is somehow even more evil when it’s personified and/or inflicted by a minor. Here are some of cinema history’s creepiest little shits, from the raving Rhoda in “The Bad Seed” to the scalpel-wielding Gage Creed in “Pet Sematary” to the she-demon orphan of “Case 39.” “The Bad Seed” (1956) Pray you never get on […]

How a horrific opening made Universal reconsider horror. (photo)

How a horrific opening made Universal reconsider horror.

People often rhapsodize about how the studios of Old Hollywood had distinct personalities. MGM cornered the market on star-studded prestige melodramas and musicals, Paramount aped Continental elegance under Ernst Lubitsch’s guidance and, of course, Universal had the horror movies. Nowadays, the studio logo is a faceless thing, no longer carrying that kind of iconographic resonance. […]

Siege Mentality (photo)

Siege Mentality

“Legion” is definitely the first film we’ve ever come across to be about defending an out-of-the-way diner from a hoard of angels. But… it’s far from the first to be primarily set in a location under siege, whether that siege is being carried out by gangs (“Assault on Precinct 13”), zombies (“Night of the Living […]

Why “Paul Blart” may be the most important film of 2009. (photo)

Why “Paul Blart” may be the most important film of 2009.

Our friends over at the newly launched Film Salon have been posting entries from different writers on what each considers the most important film of the decade. (I’m a contributor.) In the same spirit as, say, Michael Tully arguing for “The Real Cancun,” let me offer up a proposition: “Paul Blart: Mall Cop” speaks for […]

The Terrible Twos: Five Legitimately Scary Horror Sequels (photo)

The Terrible Twos: Five Legitimately Scary Horror Sequels

This week at the movie theater you have your choice of two different horror movie sequels: Rob Zombie’s second film of a rebooted “Halloween” franchise (technically the tenth in the series) and a fourth “Final Destination” picture about teenagers caught in Rube Goldbergian death traps, with this one in 3-D and featuring the appealing conclusive […]