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David Cross


Watch a Full Hour of Todd Margaret Tonight at 9/8c

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret airs tonight before the return of Comedy Bang! Bang!


Watch a Comedy Bang! Bang! Super Trailer with David Cross, Rashida Jones, Rainn Wilson and More

Let’s get the fact straight: The second season of Comedy Bang! Bang! starts this Friday, July 12 at 10pm. While that is undoubtedly more than enough to get most of you hyperventilating into a brown paper bag, if you’re some sort of weirdo adrenaline junkie who spends time cliff jumping and reenacting highlights from David […]


50 Reasons to Love David Cross

A look at the career highlights of the “Arrested Development” star.


David Cross and Portia de Rossi describe Lindsay and Tobias’s “trajectory of sadness” in “Arrested Development” season 4

They also talk about the return of the Hot Cops.


Dr. Tobias Fünke unveils his “sizzling reel”

Prepare to say “yippy-dippy dippy.”


“Arrested Development”: Check out two Funke-licious new clips

“Arrested Development” season four premieres on May 26.


10 lines that made us love Tobias Funke

Tobias Funke is the world’s most famous never-nude, but it is his too-good-to-be-true Fruedian Slips and repressed homosexuality that make him the most quotable character on “Arrested Development.” In anticipation of the Season 4 premiere, and the inevitable gay innuendo, here is a list of Tobias Funke’s best lines. 10. “Where the F*** are my […]


David Cross on “It’s A Disaster,” “Arrested Development”

The actor spoke with IFC about his new film and the upcoming series.


David Cross talks Arrested Development, Todd Margaret and Mr. Show

Comedian and actor David Cross sat down with to talk about his upcoming movie “It’s A Disaster.” The dark comedy, which also stars Julia Stiles and America Ferrera, shows what happens when a couples brunch that a group of self-absorbed thirty-somethings host each week is interrupted by the explosion of dirty bombs. (The film […]


Comedy Bang! Bang! is coming back for a second season

Guess what happened while you were blizzard watching: We announced that we ordered up a second season Comedy Bang! Bang! like it was boozy hot chocolate on a snow day. But we like the show so much we couldn’t help but order twice as many episodes. That’s right, that means twice as much Scott Aukerman, […]