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Chris Marker

The Rules of Movie Time Travel (photo)

The Rules of Movie Time Travel

Every movie that involves time travel follows a set of rules, whether they be vigorously semi-scientific (“Primer”) or completely ridiculous (“A Sound of Thunder”). And there are rules to those rules! This week on the IFC News podcast, we look at the overarching principles of movie time travel, from the fact that when there’s the […]

In a Reflective Mood (photo)

In a Reflective Mood

When world-class writers get to the last fifth or so of their career trajectory, after having put in four or more decades building their monuments, they often give themselves permission to write a memoir, a summing up, an attempt to gaze back and figure out how life and art have fought and entangled and rhymed […]

No Tony Montana (photo)

No Tony Montana

Maybe the French crime drama “A Prophet” is actually fulfilling some prophecy, having won the Grand Prix at last year’s Cannes, two BAFTAs last weekend, and a most deserved Oscar nomination for best foreign language film. Co-written and directed by Paris-born auteur Jacques Audiard (“The Beat That My Heart Skipped,” “Read My Lips”), this ambitious […]

Ranting in Pictures (photo)

Ranting in Pictures

“‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ was the most disappointing thing since my son.” That’s the daffy opening line of filmmaker Mike Stoklasa’s “‘Star Wars: The Phantom Menace’ Review,” an insightful, rudely funny takedown of George Lucas’ prequel. And it’s as good a place as any to start an appreciation of a hybrid of the video […]

Storming the Streets (photo)

Storming the Streets

Somehow, there hardly seems a more pertinent time for a wide U.S. release of Patricio Guzmán’s epochal “The Battle of Chile” (1975-78), a massive, three-part vérité documentary about the rise of Salvador Allende’s socialist government and its subsequent usurpation by the country’s American-backed military junta. The title of Part 1 — “The Insurrection of the […]

The Unseen Destruction of Nations (photo)

The Unseen Destruction of Nations

Kelly Reichardt’s “Wendy & Lucy” may be — in competition only with Lance Hammer’s “Ballast” — the best film of 2008, and both movies have been so underseen by the public that they could be said to have not been released at all. (Or, at least, not publicized at all.) Critics saw them, though, and […]

On DVD: The Films of Chris Marker, “Boarding Gate”

By Michael Atkinson I’m sorry, but if my choices are superheroes, Sarah Jessica Parker’s handbag materialism, Ashton Kutcher, learn-to-love-again indies and an Adam Sandler comedy that couldn’t even muster jokes enough for a two-minute trailer, then I’ll stay home and have a conversation with Chris Marker. I’ll at least be assured of having truthful contact […]