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Five reasons Michael Che is one of the best comics around

It’s no secret that we’re fans of Michael Che. Not only was he a featured guest on Bunk, but he has appeared at Get It Out There: Comedy by BAM & IFC, our new experimental comedy showcase. New York City native Che hasn’t been doing comedy that long, but during his three years as a […]


What to watch on IFC: November 12-18

If you still have an election hangover or are just anxiously biding time until Thanksgiving we have all the movies you’re going to need to help get you through. From “The Spirit” to “Edward Scissorhands” to “Transporter 3” we have something for everyone. Here’s what to watch this week on IFC: Monday Start the week […]


Welcome to The Automat: Action!

Hello Morning People! We don’t know any of you personally, but rumor has it that you exist and that you enjoy excellent high-quality laugh-out-loud entertainment as much as people who like to sleep in until reasonable hours. Just because we don’t understand you doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you kick off your day […]


The Five Best Bunk Games

While 10 out of 10 experts agree that Bunk is Bunk, we love our little comedy game show and even its constantly bare-foot host Kurt Braunohler. In fact we have a Bunk shaped hole in our heart since the season’s last episode aired two week’s ago. Want to know the cure to an achy breaky […]


Watch the season finales of Bunk and Comedy Bang! Bang! tonight

Tonight starting at 10/9c are the season finales of both Comedy Bang! Bang! and Bunk, which is …well, hard to accept. So we turned to the internet in our time of need. In between the LOL cats, .gifs, and memes, we found some helpful advice for coping with our grief. We think it will help […]


Bunk improves giraffes by teaching them to swim

Noted animal expert and bare feet enthusiast, Kurt Braunohler, has no problem with giraffes personally. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t think the model can be improved upon. After all, have you seen a giraffe? Don’t be too jealous, there, dolphin, because he thinks you have room for improvement, too. In fact, pretty much every animal […]


Play Circle the Jerk with Bunk

Bunk has quite the reputation for doling out extremely helpful advice on such subjects as birthday presents, raising children, outing grandma, how to improve the Bible, making yourself stand-out in a personal ad and so much more. Now comes their best advice yet: “If you’re 21 Jumpstreet-ing a high school, don’t wear a cardigan.” That […]


Otter MILFs and other wonders on Bunk

Otters are adorable. They are cute, cuddly, water-logged little lovebugs. Yep, they are totally MILFs. Wait, what? Oh, Bunk, what weird rumors have you started now? That’s what we get for choosing noted animal expert Kurt Braunohler to host our new comedy game show. But it’s not fair to just blame Kurt (or to name […]


Grandma’s got a secret on Bunk

This week on Bunk, our perpetually barefoot, but never pregnant host, Kurt Braunohler has a very serious and perhaps just a touch controversial task for this week’s game show contestants: comedians Alex Borstein (Family Guy), Ethan T. Berlin (Executive Producer of Bunk) and Jordan Klepper (Improvised Shakespeare). While in the past Kurt has had the […]


Meet the cast of Bunk: Alex Borstein

Alex Borstein is coming to Bunk on Friday at 10:30 p.m. ET, so whatever you think you’re doing on Friday it better be that. The comedian is probably most well known for her voice overs, specifically her work as Lois on Family Guy. She’s also had stints on The Cleveland Show and Robot Chicken. Fans […]