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Buddy Hackett


Welcome to The Automat: Action!

Hello Morning People! We don’t know any of you personally, but rumor has it that you exist and that you enjoy excellent high-quality laugh-out-loud entertainment as much as people who like to sleep in until reasonable hours. Just because we don’t understand you doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you kick off your day […]

The Sketchy History of Sketch Comedy Movies (photo)

The Sketchy History of Sketch Comedy Movies

Monty Python’s 1983 film “The Meaning of Life” effortlessly set the gold standard in sketch comedy movies — which, for clarification, we’ll define here as feature-length anthologies of stand-alone comic bits that don’t serve to push along any overarching storyline. But while the Pythons’ greatest film (gauntlet thrown down!) omitted a plot, their skits were […]