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Bill Murray


Two New Ways to Threeway

IFC’s Comedy Crib gets sensual in time for Valentine’s Day.


Bill Murray On Repeat

It’s a movie “Murray-thon” all-day Friday on IFC.

Ghostbusters Casts

Ghostsbusters Casts Unite In This Week’s Funniest Videos

This week we’re laughing at Obama’s smooth jam and the return of Fourvel to tonight’s brand new Comedy Bang! Bang!.

Back to the Future Jaws Parody

10 Hilarious Jaws Spoofs

Catch the Jaws movies during IFC’s Memorial Day Shark Half-A-Day Marathon.

Bill Murray in Ghostbusters II

Ghostbusters II Predicted the World Will End on Valentine’s Day 2016

Catch Ghostbusters II this month on IFC. Provided the world doesn’t end, of course.

Quick Change

10 Lesser-Known Bill Murray Roles You Might’ve Missed

Catch Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II this month on IFC.

Ghostbusters 2

Take the Ultimate Ghostbusters Fan Quiz

Catch the Ghostbusters movies November 30th on IFC.

Ghostbusters Everett

7 Lost Ghostbusters Movies That Almost Happened

Catch a Ghostbusters marathon Saturday, Nov. 7th starting at 8P.


10 Unreleased Movies You’ll Probably Never See

A look at 10 films you can’t easily see.

Bill Murray Rock the Kasbah

Watch Bill Murray’s Epic Performance of ‘Smoke on the Water’ in Rock the Kasbah Trailer

Bill Murray is back in a wild new rock comedy.