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Bill Burr

Bil Burr Conan Black Friday

Bill Burr Has No Love For Black Friday Shoppers

Bill Burr loves the holidays. Black Friday, not so much.


9 Things That Seriously Tick Off Bill Burr

Bill Burr, who appears on Maron this week, has a lot to say about a lot of things going on in the world today, and while they’re often pretty negative, he knows how to make that kind of thing funny.


How to Be Funny: 7 Comedians Give Awesome Advice

Being a comedian is hard. Being an aspiring comedian is even harder. To help jump start your career in comedy, we’ve compiled a list of established comics giving advice on how to write, perform, and make it in the funny business. Most of this advice applies to any occupation, so read on and get inspired. […]


10 Best Videos of Comedians Dealing with Hecklers

Heckling: is it just part of the cost of doing business for a comedian? For Dave Chappelle, it was enough to get him to cut a show short in mid-set. Other jokesters handle it a little bit better, as these hilarious videos will demonstrate. 1. Bill Burr When Bill Burr took the stage in Philly, […]