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Samuel L. Jackson’s 16 Most Badass Movie Roles

He just may be one of the most badass people in movie history.


Watch Chuck Norris in “Missing in Action” today because Chuck Norris

Everyone know we love Chuck Norris more than our own flesh and blood. Why? Because Chuck Norris is freakin’ awesome. Not only is he always on the side of Justice, he likes to kick bad guys in the face, and he looks damn fine in a Stetson, too. Also, once he fought a bear. Do […]


Freaks & Geeks, Undeclared, Larry Sanders Show and more to air on IFC

Run an awesome cable channel, fill a website with killer content, and produce hilarious comedies all at the same time? No problem. Here at IFC we are serious multi-taskers. And we bet you are too. The only problem with our multi-tasking plan for world domination (and cheese fries) is that is all falls apart when […]


What to watch tonight: “Rambo”

John Rambo once said, “Live for something or die for nothing.” Know what we live for? Awesome movies, like “Rambo,” which we are showing tonight at 8/7c and again at 9:45 p.m. ET. It’s a movie so nice, we’re showing it twice. And by nice we mean serious Rambo-style butt-kicking action that only Sylvester Stallone […]


Welcome to The Automat: Action!

Hello Morning People! We don’t know any of you personally, but rumor has it that you exist and that you enjoy excellent high-quality laugh-out-loud entertainment as much as people who like to sleep in until reasonable hours. Just because we don’t understand you doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you kick off your day […]


What to watch on IFC: “U-571”

“U-571” airs on Saturday May 19th on 8/7c as part of our Movies That Go Bang! Bang! series


What to watch on IFC tonight: “Escape From LA”

Kurt Russell stars in “Escape from LA” as part of our week-long Movies That Go Bang! Bang! event


What to watch on IFC tonight: “Conan the Barbarian”

Part of our Movies That Go Bang! Bang! series


What to watch on IFC: Our “Die Hard” marathon

John McClain is having a really bad night, but you won’t if you watch our Die Hard marathon


Action! now on IFC

A special treat for our insomniac and DVR-equipped comedy fans