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A Clockwork Orange


15 Stanley Kubrick Scenes That Will Give You Nightmares

Kubrick Weekend kicks off this Saturday with A Clockwork Orange at 8/7c, followed by The Shining.


HCFF: Malcolm McDowell discusses the legacy of “A Clockwork Orange” and Stanley Kubrick

IFC covered the Hero Complex Film Festival in Los Angeles over the weekend, and here’s what we found out.


Malcolm McDowell talks Tom Jones, his legendary career and his new film “Suing The Devil”

Legendary actor Malcolm McDowell has certainly played his fair share of big screen bad guys. From Alex DeLarge in “A Clockwork Orange” to Dr. Tolian Soran in “Star Trek Generations,” McDowell has turned the cinematic villain into an art form. Perhaps none of his previous characters, however, could match the historically tainted image that his […]

A clockwork gray. (photo)

A clockwork gray.

As The Playlist points out, the first poster for the upcoming remake of British noir classic “Brighton Rock” pays reverent homage to that iconic, dorm-room staple one-sheet for “A Clockwork Orange.” Sam Riley’s thug has the same hat, ditto the thrust-upwards knife. What’s different are the colors — the lurid orange, white and black combo […]

What “Inglourious Basterds” Owes to History (photo)

What “Inglourious Basterds” Owes to History

[Spoilers ahead for those who haven’t seen “Inglourious Basterds.”] There have been two moments in film this year that have moved me to my cine-loving core. Both involved individuals stirred by the power of image, art and mythology. And both illustrated a personal investment for each character (some, real-life characters), revealing a potent significance and […]



The concert festival, All Tomorrow’s Parties, began in 1999 in England in answer to lame, corporate sponsored events (at say Reading or Glastonbury). It’s brilliant locale is some kind of very British Holiday camp, at Camber Sands, East Sussex. Since ’99 it’s expanded to the US and if you were lucky, perhaps you were at […]

“The Dark Knight” is De Palma plus Coppola plus Kubrick plus Cronenberg?

“No matter how good ‘The Dark Knight’ is,” writes Steven Zeitchik at the Hollywood Reporter‘s Risky Business blog, “how mindblowingly, dazzlingly, pulsatingly, wish-Heath-was-still-here good — is it better than ‘Casablanca’ or ‘Lawrence of Arabia?’ ” It’s not an entirely rhetorical question, at least in that the feverish early reviews have swung for some eyebrow-raisingly high […]

The number one film in heaven.

At the Guardian, Sean Michaels writes that “Somewhere in heaven there’s a cinema playing movies that never were, films that existed solely in a producer’s, an actor’s, a screenwriter’s imagination.” And the one everyone would be lining up for would be a version of “A Clockwork Orange” that was bandied about pre-Kubrick. Michael reporters that […]