Two and a Half Men

Charlie Harper's lavish life is halted after his brother and nephew move in with him. Charlie, a jingle writer, and Alan, a chiropractor, could not be more different. The two brothers overcome their conflicting lifestyles to raise Alan's son Jake.

S3, E7

Sleep Tight, Puddin' Pop

After getting drunk with his stalker, Rose, Charlie finds himself in a tough situation.

S3, E8

That Voodoo That I Do

Charlie tries to win over his latest crush. Charlie didn't plan for Jake to fall in love with her.

S3, E9

Madame and Her Special Friend

Charlie's wealthy elder neighbor, Norma, begins to fall for Alan. He does not feel the same.

S3, E10

Something Salty and Twisted

Alan is highlighted in a newspaper for being a good doctor. He has a dinner to celebrate.

S3, E11

Santa's Village of the Damned

Alan and Charlie start gaining weight after Alan starts dating a cooking instructor, Sandy.