Three's a Crowd

Jack Tripper's co-habitation with Vicky Bradford is complicated by her hostile father's interference as Jack's landlord.

S1, E6

Vacation from Sex

Mr. Bradford thinks Jack and Vicky have nothing in common besides sex. So Jack and Vicky decide to prove him wrong by abstaining from sex for a week.

S1, E7

A Matter of Money

After a counterfeit $100 note is found in Jack's Bistro's bank account, the Police ask Jack to help them identify the counterfeiter.

S1, E8

The Honeymooners

Vicky and Jack go to Acapulco to enjoy an unofficial honeymoon and to get away from Vicky's overbearing father; but when they arrive, they find out they have to share the same hotel room with her father.

S1, E9

A Little Competition

The owner of a new restaurant opening down the street from Jack's Bistro happens to be Vicky's old boyfriend who she almost married.

S1, E10

A Foreign Affair

When Bradford wants to get out of paying his ex-wife alimony, he arranges for her to meet a rich friend of his. When Jack overhears him, he tries to help hoping that it'll change Vicky's feelings about marriage.