The Ropers

Stanley and Helen Roper have sold their apartment complex and moved into a new one. Their trademark quirks are intact as they deal with new neighbors and frequent visits from Helen's sister.

S2, E2

Baby Talk

Helen adores the Brookes' boy, David, which leads her to feel she and Stanley could adopt a baby. Stanley is against it. Still, she calls an agency and sets up a home interview.

S2, E4

Puppy Love

Stanley's going to be in trouble if Helen finds out he's lost her new puppy "Muffin" on a walk. He decides that a look-alike just might fool her and get him off the hook. Will Stanley get away with it or be barked at by Helen?

S2, E6

Power Play

On the day that Helen is making dinner to impress her rich sister, Ethel, the utilities are cut off because Stanley forgot to pay the bills. He goes to great lengths to hide his mistake.

S2, E7

Two For the Road

Both Stanley and Jeffrey argue with their wives and walk out on them at the same time. Getting drunk at a bar brings them together as buddies, but sobering up may open their eyes to a big problem they've unwittingly created.