The Birthday Boys

With a nod to absurd yet intelligent legacy sketch shows Monty Python, Mr. Show and Kids in the Hall, the series features sketches that poke fun at real-life moments and cultural touchstones.

S1, E1


The alternate story of the inventors of the personal computer - a group of nerds who were more consumed with their souped-up garage hangouts than the technology.

S1, E2

Goofy Roofers

The rise and fall of a group of residential roofers whose antics scored them a corny American multi-camera sitcom.

S1, E3

Catching Up On Shows

Tim loses his mind trying to keep up with the complicated story lines of shows in the current age of TV.

S1, E4

Rock and Roll

The modern giants of Rock, Rap, and Dubstep are interviewed about the foundation of all modern popular music. With guest star Ben Stiller.

S1, E5

Cool Machine

The guys develop a scientific contraption that promises to turn them into "cool" versions of themselves.

S1, E6

Helpful Tips

We meet the 7 Pinkus brothers, owners and founders of The 7 Brothers' Brewery.

S1, E7


We meet a man who discovered flight before the Wright Brothers - only to be mocked because his flying machine looked funny.

S1, E8

All Your Favorites Are Back

The Boys are booked on a comedy event proclaiming that "All Your Favorites Are Back!" The line-up goes on and on and on... leaving the boys in green room limbo.

S1, E9

Going All The Way

The boys revisit their High School days with a pact to each lose their virginity before they graduate, made on graduation day, just as the ceremony commences.

S1, E10

Dumb Public

We meet Glanard Frugner, the worst animator of all time, and are introduced to some of his less than legendary creations.