Saved by the Bell

Lovable schemer Zack Morris leads his pals on adventures at California's Bayside High School. The friends navigate relationships, final exams, school dances, breakups and more while frequently frustrating their principal, Mr. Richard Belding, who does his best to keep them in check. The Bayside gang is rounded out by cheerleader Kelly, jock Slater, feminist Jessie, fashion expert Lisa and nerd Screech, and although the teens' jealousy and rivalry sometimes get the best of them, at the end of the day, their friendship overcomes all.

S4, E17


The gang take their S.A.T.'s, with the results proving a surprise to some and a major disappointment to others.

S4, E18

Palm Springs Weekend: Part 1

The gang travel to Palm Desert for Jessie's father's wedding. His job as manager of a luxury hotel there guarantees them wonderful accommodations, but Jessie takes an immediate dislike to her father's much younger bride.

S4, E19

Palm Springs Weekend: Part 2

As the wedding approaches, Jessie desperately tries to sabotage things, Zack and Kelly grow closer, Screech's quest for a date continues, and Slater attempts to impress Christina and her father.

S4, E20

Hold Me Tight

When Kristy, a new student, is not allowed to join the wrestling team because of her gender, Zack and Jessie campaign for her to be given a chance. However, Jessie soon mistakenly becomes convinced that Kristy is interested in Slater.

S4, E21

No Hope With Dope

A famous film star comes to Bayside to shoot an anti-drug public service announcement. The gang are enchanted by him, but when they go to a party at his house, they discover he is a hypocrite.