Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Return

In the not too distant future, Jonah Heston, a Gizmonic Institute employee, is lured into a trap on the dark side of the moon by third generation mad scientist, Kinga Forrester, daughter of Mad Scientist and former Gizmonic Institute employee, Dr. Clayton Forrester. Kinga and her clumsy flunky, Max (also known as TV's Son of TV's Frank...or just Max since that's his name), trap Jonah on the Satellite of Love and force him and his robot friends to watch bad movies for "science." Join the gang for wisecracks, quips, friendships, and invention exchanges that will blow your mind.

S1, E11

Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II

If one wasn't enough, here's another! The Mads screen "Wizards of the Lost Kingdom II" but this time we meet a has-been wizard and his gawky apprentice when they embark on their own mind-bending quest to quash evil.

S1, E12

Carnival Magic

Don't believe there can be a world of super-smart chimps, real-life magicians and young love? Then join Jonah and the gang to watch exactly that in this 1983 fantasy film.

S1, E13

The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

Jonah and his robot friends get in the holiday spirit by watching Santa and Company get evicted from the North Pole. Will a plucky lawyer be able to save St. Nick from the clutches of a gazillionaire?

S1, E14

At the Earth's Core

While gearing up for his big day, Jonah and the Bots go down memory lane and then down to a lava-licked world ruled by tyrannical, telepathic beasts.