Mondays at Midnight

Good Grief

Good Grief is a comedy set in small town NZ about two sisters who inherit a funeral home. By staring death in the face every day, Ellie and Gwen Goode begin to confront the realities of their own life, and what they want to make of it.

S1, E2

A Matter of Life or Death : Part 2

Ellie and Gwen infiltrate a funeral at a competitor mortuary, which goes horribly wrong. Ellie tells Gwen she doesn’t want to sell the business.

S1, E3

Face Off

Ellie tries to manage the crew’s expectations. Gwen learns how to apply mortuary makeup.

S1, E4

Missed Connections

A family wants Loving Tributes to provide a medium so their dead mum can plan her own funeral. Sharyn is happy to help.