A fast-talking lawyer finds himself back in school leading a study group after his degree is revoked.

S6, E1


Dean Pelton hires an administrative consultant to organize things at Greendale.

S6, E2

Lawnmower Maintenance and Postnatal Care

Jeff and Frankie ask an inventor for help extracting Dean Pelton from his virtual reality world.

S6, E3

Basic Crisis Room Decorum

The Greendale gang goes on the offensive when a rival college releases an attack ad.

S6, E4

Queer Studies and Advanced Waxing

Dean Pelton is asked to lie; Chang auditions for a stage adaptation of "The Karate Kid".

S6, E5

Laws of Robotics and Party Rights

A prisoner attends Greendale via telerobot; Britta tries to get around one of Annie's rules.

S6, E7

Advanced Safety Features

An ex-boyfriend persuades Britta to join a guerilla marketing campaign.

S6, E8

Intro to Recycled Cinema

The committee, along with a movie producer named Maury, help Abed complete his unfinished film.

S6, E9

Grifting 101

When a clever con man, Professor DeSalvo, uses his class to cheat the study group, they enlist Jeff to get revenge. The situation goes awry as Britta and Dean Pelton get involved in Jeff and Professor DeSalvo's scamming competition.

S6, E10

Basic RV Repair and Palmistry

While on a road trip to get rid of a Greendale artifact, Abed turns a situation into a feature film.